I went broke today!

Part of me is calm, the other part of me is completely flipping out—like a chicken with its head cut off, running around, and clucking. I lie awake while the two duke it out. A veritable fisticuffs.

As that happens, I oscillate between being excited and shutting down in fear paralysis. Fear paralysis because “damn, shouldn’t you have your shit together by now?” Excited because “the only way down now is up, baby!!” I see there is opportunity here—an opportunity to learn a crap ton about finance and to make money like all hell has broken loose. Opportunities to grow and gamify. Opportunities to learn to ask for help instead of being bull-headedly prideful.

Fortunately, the credit card companies won’t realize I don’t have any money left until they ask for it, so this gives me a buffer where I can pretend I have money when I don’t. Until then, I can make the money that I’m pretending to have. (Sneaky, sneaky!)

I’m starting with some Uber driving and stuff-selling, then later I’ll move into something more sustainable – like throwing away everything and doing another thruhike. 😀

One thing about this, though, is that my mind is saying NEVER AGAIN. I refuse to accept financial struggles as my reality going forward. In the future, I want my finances to empower me, not limit me. Financial abundance, yo.

More, I remind myself that my finances only limit me to the extent that I *believe* they limit me. In reality, the only limits are the limits that I believe in.

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