Here is information that helped me during my recovery.  🙂

If You are Depressed:

  1. Take this Depression Diagnostic.
  2. Take these actions first. (It’s like Depression First-Aid.)
  3. Consider these Alternative Treatments.

If Someone You Know is Depressed:

  1. Learn What to Say (link to come)
  2. Learn How to Help (link to come)
  3. Encourage them to Take These Actions and try Alternative Treatments.


  • What ‘Causes’ Depression? (link to come)
  • Thoughts & Depression (link to come)
  • Body & Depression (link to come)
  • Environment & Depression (link to come)

Read these Books:

  1. Feeling Good, David Burns
  2. When Panic Attacks, David Burns
  3. Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins

Additional Resources